A single bad decision will cost ~12% of the entire project’s budget

Projects have highly complex plans and operations
>10,000 activities/project
It's impossible for us humans to understand across massive complexity

Miscalculated schedule risk can spoil project economics by ~29%

Projects can’t learn from one another
>40% risk variance/activity
We appoint subjective risk to activities in a plan

nPlan Design improves your understanding of schedule risk

nPlan’s Algorithms that leverage existing schedule knowledge within an organisation to ensure future projects are as competitive as possible.



Past and current schedules

Planned vs. Actual Performance

Higher quality and more realistic schedule plans

Higher certainty of risk allocation for the project, resulting in higher certainty of profit

Leverage the insights to improve commercial negotiations with subcontractors/suppliers.

nPlan Execute helps you understand the complexity of your Project

nPlan’s Algorithms that optimise site-wide operations on an individual project – the eyes and ears of a project manager.



Project schedule

Updates and re-baselines

Instant, undisputable and low cost feedback on field performance.

Predictive risk analytics on future tasks.

Recommendations on new schedule paths, to optimise for project outcomes.