Predict the optimal project schedule before work begins.
Understand the risk profile of all your current projects.
Position your for success.

Benefits of using nPlan

Understand Project Risk like never before

By relating any new project to previously executed schedules, we generate validated risk profiles that increase the certainty of capital deployment in projects.

Improve schedule certainty

Our algorithms have a contextual understanding of the performance of any project, obtained by analysing, building relationships and discovering valuable insights from previous schedules. nPlan understands outcomes for each task in a schedule and reports back projected outcomes.

Real-time optimisation

By following how the project schedule is progressing during construction, nPlan can make recommendations to address residual issues, enabled by its model library of related activities. Get a continuously updated statistical risk attribution for each individual activity, and understand how the project has changed since initial planning.


Dev Amratia (CEO)

  • Project Manager on Flagship Capital Projects
  • Author of the UK’s National AI Strategy
  • MEng Aerospace Engineering

Alan Mosca (CTO)

  • PhD in Deep Learning
  • MSc Computer Science
  • Quantitative Finance Research, Algorithmic Trading
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Company Profile

nPlan is a recently founded technology business that improves the way projects are delivered, using the power of deep learning. The company is based in London and was co-founded by Dev Amratia and Alan Mosca.

Careers at nPlan

nPlan is an EF9 company